Every Love Tree made is a pen and ink drawing on Khadi cotton rag paper - completely original, and always unique.  

You can personalise your own Love Tree for family or friends to mark any special occasion, such as Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings or A Family Love Tree.

Each Love Tree incorporates the words of your choice which are then used to produce your bespoke gift.



"The Love Tree is just a simple image, but the unseen love around one is what is genuine and real, there is no higher frequency in the universe than love"



"I believe it is important to have an exchange of some deeper meaning between artist and audience, it is not enough for me to just create for aesthetic purposes.  I want to create a space for connection with others, where it becomes a reciprocal experience and leaves an everlasting mark"



Rachel Egan | Artistic Creator, Lovetree.ie